We typical malay in malaysia specifically got an issue tht will never make us champion from chinese if this is not learnt.
we will never berjaya cepat.. Even you berjaya tapi lambat is not good. Kita nk berjaya cepat… So

‘belajar dr pengalaman’

Nope… This is wrong
malay malaysian still hangs on this till they die, and most of the world too…
Petua yg betul ialah…

‘Belajar dari pengajaran’

I ve worked in a bank for 13 years before and since i ve left…. Now it opens my eyes when having my own business for 5 years now..

If i belajar dr pengalaman then means i have to fail and then baru realize kena buat cara lain untuk berjaya. What a waste of time..
But chinese, what i ve learnt from them they are smart (actually penipu terhormat) diaorg akan belajar dr musuh atau us the malay then they will create diaorg punya bisnes sendiri using our biz model. Macam copy cat owang potih ckp..

malay too berjaya, but they will berjaya lebih lambat. Is it fair?
Yes it is fair… They are like selling mc d using mat burger as their brand. Rebranding…
But with a twist… Halal or cheaper or something extra tht mc d dont provide.

Generally rebranding is not wrong just like proton mitsubishi deal..

So guys

Less dari pengalaman

It is something like dah terkena baru nk dengar ckp org. Why not use prevention is better than cure. So you wont fail.

Belajar dr pengajaran means dengar ckp org yg dah lama buat bisness, dia akan bg tahu apa kesilapan peniaga buat and how to enter market clean and fast profit. Tips2 untuk tidak rugi dsb.

Learn how to gain respect learn how to do busines learn learn learn not to fail…
Not earn..
Earn berkat dr Allah..

Biz smart not hard..
Muslim product here at

1mk: but 1mk is not against chinese or any human being.. i just respect chinese how smart they do business, dam..! they r smart