ROS: DAP can use symbol for elections

This just show that BN want to remove DAP through technical. So UMNO’s wish will come true when vote DAP means vote PAS when they change logo.

The DAP has not been de-registered and can still use its symbol for the 13th general election, said Registrar of Societies director-gnrl Datuk Abdul Rahman.

By showing that BN has abused its power over the public institution, Umno/BN will be punished in the upcoming polls by all Malaysians who despised authoritarian rule.

1mk thinks all scenarios are been plotted from start as early as prior to their election by..

  1. purposely not sending penyata tahunan parti
  2. purposely dont invite some of members
  3. purposely do wrong calculation of ballot papers
  4. purposely declare mistake
  5. purposely provoke members to complaint
  6. purposely let ROS to investigate
  7. purposely delay and delay ROS, until election
  8. purposely wait and wait until ROS to declare they cannot use roket
  9. and then Blame BN saying:

Lim said DAP will likely contest in peninsular Malaysia under the PAS ticket and in Sabah and Sarawak under the PKR banner.
He urged on Barisan Nasional to fight “fair and square” instead of sabotaging DAP.  ’It’s political assassination! We’re stabbed in the back!’
On whether by using the PAS banner will diminish the Chinese support for DAP, Lim said: “Let it be spoken at the ballot box. When we use PAS symbol, people will see how they (the ruling party) have victimised and prosecuted DAP.”

The Mission Impossible:

To gain rakyat’s sympathy and create hatred towards ruling government ‘BN main kotor’

Imagine, this is a big opposition party and trying to form a government, can afford to delay such BIG nonsense and to top that, by DELAY ing the issue?

i mean, HOW URGENT is forming the next government can be in this world?

karpal-cec-dap-asap! not..

And now after ‘a year’ since party’s misconduct, the second man karpal gradually said (details)

“It is an important issue that needs to be addressed. We have been issued the notice at a crucial time and we need to deal with it asap (as soon as possible??),”

HELLO!! is he part of the conspiracy or getting incompetent lawyer?
the matter had started way back in february details here..

this is my theory… conspiracy, lge very bravely sacrifice party to win people’s sympathy.. luckily they were allowed to use it.. 1mk to lge.. plan b?