Perdana Menteri Malaysia Najib di Penang PSY-yes BN-no

seems unfortunate for our hardworking PM Najib to bring PSY to entertain rakyat penang was turned down with big No reply. but unfortunate for penang i can say if they, in ge13 choose to stay where they are. i m kedahan and always go back hometown. sad for me to see 1. kedah, especially kulim my parents hometown is not moving ahead with other states. this i notice same goes to penang and kelantan and even selangor. i m closely connected to these 4 opposition states and i can tell you that they not moving into future. stagnant..

penang – i can say is dirty to be in 21st century

kedah – same no new projects, building nor road replenishment

kelantan – no more to say, they just like tht since pas working on them..

selangor – same thing since 2008 same nothing much is moving

all i can say is, pembangkang is not a good politic player. they had their chances to prove to people they can make life better. but instead, keeps on mumbling and creating topics that are unsure.

we islam in my point of view, dont create, we dont say anything that is unsure. but something is wrong by the leader is a must to say. but still islam have the correct way to respect human being either chinese, malay indian or any other races in 1malaysia.

as long as a state is with pembangkang they wil never cherish the good life they should be earning from the 21st century. they will only busy working on fitnah and these and that. penang or lim mayb trying very hard to move out from malaysia and be another state for singapore.

chinese no doubt is the key rakyat in penang and i dont blame them for not supporting malaysia since they dont want banning of sex, wine, pork or anything to do with non halal stuff. they wanna be free and live without border to islam requirement. so i guess they choose to turn down pm + umno and islam. they are actually not 1malaysia. the only stupid 1 malaysia there in penang are not chinese.

conclusion is, i guess penang will stay with pembangkang in next ge13. congrat to rakyat penang..