lim guan eng

for me simple question about this issue is..  if you would go to churches all over the world will there be ‘Allah’ signs or words in them? none, i dont think so and never heard of it too.

so why wanna use this word as their god?

this is just another politicking and trying to jolok sarang tebuan and trying to move away from malaysia. i think he taking advises from sg to do such thing, its their plan.. bit by bit and then it will turn sour and move out from malaysia and join sg. sg is trying to find alliance and new land and lge is the best puppet they can get a hold on too to make this happen.

trying to depart from malaysia..

in my point of view, mayb he got his own agenda that pkr alliance doesnt know this and they are being taken for a ride..

only 1 i guess in istanbul the only 1.

Hagia Sophia basilica, in the former Constantinople
Hagia Sophia basilica, in the former Constantinople