Pakatan: EC not committed to fair election
Pakatan: EC not committed to fair election

PETALING JAYA: The Election Commission (EC) does not seem to be interested in conducting a free and fair election, claimed Pakatan Rakyat today.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution said this was based on the restrictions imposed by the EC on several NGOs appointed to monitor the general election.

“Among the restrictions imposed is the NGOs are not allowed to be present when the votes are being tallied and are disallowed from talking to polling agents.

“They are not even allowed to talk to the press,” claimed Saifuddin.

has he spoken and get the details about the restriction before doing official press conference and spit out these… hmm.. elegations?

if it is not satisfactory then find the correct channel to solve it, if its not satisfactory and weird looking restriction then submit a complaint. we will be backing you up definitely. but for me, for such high ranked of political individual to go around and just letting his words out without doing investigation or get the correct information before making press conference about it is not professional at all.

like aku masa budak kecik dulu, main tuduh ja. no problem, people will listen and decide, if they dont trust me thts fine, as long as i defended my team.. and I (just i not others) THINK there is something wrong (i m the god n knows everything people dont know).

common guys, to oppose is good but get the fact right and deliver it in a right way, malaysian will listen, i will listen.. you guys are becoming ‘kampung’ kinda political party, hentam saja..