Freedom of speech in malaysia or anywhere on the planet is absolute must. Malaysian dont have fredom of speech? Yes we do.. Saw words coming out in blogs and posts made on the internet lately… Hmm wow!
Yes freedom of speech, but do we look on the other perspective of islam freedom of speech? Ada adab dan cara. Bukan main boh ja.
Are fitnah (things we are not sure its true) is islam way? Are cursing bad words bu.pu.pan.lan.fck.dck (ikut suka aku nk ckp apa aku punya pasai??) (mencarut) is tis islam way?
Mana ajaran islam kita? Islam teach us the way of life. This is not islam. Think before give speeches..
Now, it is clear to me why islam rankend fitnah high in our religous wrong doing. Fitnah can kill human race.